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Address: Daltonstraat 24, 3846 BX, Harderwijk, The Netherlands Fish for every moment Wheretradition,innovation andqualitycometogether.

OUR HERITAGE from the past For over 100 years, we have been creating the best delicacies that are enjoyed throughout the world. Our focus has always been on quality. For us, quality is not just about controls and systems but also about making a difference every day. Our mission is to bring salmon into daily eating routines with a diverse assortment of innovative products. We can truly say that we are experts in salmon. Our unique heritage Our unique heritage informs what we do today and shapes how we think about the future. Smoking salmon is both a science and an art. Nearly 100 years of family experience gives us an unparalleled understanding of the craft, which has been passed down through the generations. Our Smokemasters closely follow timehonored techniques to achieve the best results: using flavorful beech and oak wood to impart a rich yet delicate flavor to our finished salmon.

Premium Quality This is how we ensure our customers receive the best - by focusing on the quality of our raw ingredients, processes, end products, customer relations, and animal welfare. In other words: respect throughout the entire production chain. Innovation We combine our rich heritage with an even greater capacity for innovation. Our approach means continuously improving and expanding production practices to deliver high-quality seafood. We’re guided by science and market trends to refine existing products and create new ones. Well-being & vitality Salmon is a fantastic source of sustainable, high-quality, and nutritious protein. More and more consumers around the world are seeking wholesome, affordable, and environmentally friendly food, and that’s exactly what Foppen can provide. Environment & sustainability We recognize that our business relies on the earth’s natural resources, so we produce our products with the utmost respect for people, animals, and the sea. We’re committed to securing a healthy planet for future generations while providing a highly-sustainable protein source. We actively prevent the depletion of resources and protect marine life by gaining MSC and ASC certifications. MSC is given to well-managed and sustainable fisheries, and ASC certifies seafood products raised through responsible aquaculture. OUR STORY from the future

OUR SALMON the highest quality At Foppen, we use only the best Atlantic salmon from the ice cold waters of the Norwegian Fjords. Our salmon is ASC-certified which guarantees that the salmon farming is done responsibly, with care for people and the planet. In this way, you are always assured of the highest quality salmon. Atlantic Salmon – farmed – Salmo Salar • Purchasing portfolio; 95% Norwegian Salmon. • Size 3-4 kg and 4-5 kg. • Whole fish, head on, gutted. • ASC, Global Gap and raised without antibiotics. • Superior Quality. • Mainly fish from Northern Norway, because of the best structure and moisture balance for our smoking process. • Challenges in terms of weather conditions and arrival times is a continuous process. SockeySalmon–WildCaught-Oncorhynchus nerka • Average weight: 2.7 Kg. • Range of commercial weights: 1.8 – 4.5 Kg. • Medium 60-90 cm long • Alaska Zone: Southeast Alaska to Nome • Fishing methods: Gillnet • Sockeye Salmon is famous for the color of its meat – intense red – darker than that of other species. • MSC certified

HIGH STANDARDS in manufacturing & sustainability • IFS - global food safety and quality standard. • SKAL - standard for Organic products • ASC - standard for environmentally and socially responsible farmed seafood. • MSC - standard for sustainable fishing and assurance within the wild caught seafood supply chain. • Kosher - standard for producing according Jewish food laws • HALAL - standard for producing food according Islamic food laws • Smeta - a social standard • Global Gap - standard for Good Agricultural Practices

FOOD SERVICE Attention makes everything more beautiful. This is certainly true in food service. We supply the best products for the restaurants, hotels or institutions that want to make a difference to their guests. Taste & experience Food service is all about one thing: providing an experience. All our products are selected with care and meet the highest quality standards, so they always provide an unparalleled favor experience. But our products, such as whole smoked salmon sides, also give chefs the freedom to create their dishes according to their own needs and preferences. So that their guests get the maximum experience. Packaging All our products are packaged in a lowoxygen environment. They come in handy containers, ranging from 1 to 3 lb. We have a good solution for every application. We also offer our smoked salmon in many different ways: short or long cuts, handy blocks, sandwich slices, or whole salmon tenderloin fillets that you can cut yourself for a specific recipe, for instance.

Smoked Norwegian Salmon Slices Traditional This smoked salmon comes from approved salmon farms located in the ice-cold waters of Norway. Smoking the salmon on oak-and beechwood enhances its fine flavor with a delicate smoky taste. This smoked salmon turns every meal into a special occasion. Smoked Norwegian Salmon Slices Gravad Lachs After smoking, the salmon is getting a special preparation method with herbs such as dill and pepper. Therefore it’s called Gravad Lachs. The marinated salmon is a special product on your plate and perfect for special occasions. Smoked Norwegian Salmon Slices Flame Roasted After smoking, the salmon is flame roasted using a specialized process. This process maintains the tender texture of the salmon, but gives it a roasted flavor for an explicit experience. Smoked Norwegian Salmon Slices Toast-Sized Three Varieties The salmon is seasoned with pepper or dill before smoking. The salmon is formed and cut into toast-sized slices for your convenience. Hot Smoked Salmon - Traditional The salmon is smoked at high temperature on oak- and beechwood, according to an authentic family recipe. The result is a special piece of salmon with a delicous smoky taste and tender texture. Hot Smoked Salmon - Pepper The salmon is seasoned with black pepper and smoked at high temperature on oak- and beechwood, according to an authentic family recipe. The result is a special piece of salmon with a delicous smoky taste and tender texture.

PRODUCTS WEIGHT UPC UNIT UPC CASE CASE CONTENT 1. Smoked Norwegian Salmon Slices - Traditional 1LB 840137100552 840137100569 10 2. Smoked Norwegian Salmon Slices - Gravad Lachs 1LB 840137100644 840137100651 10 3. Smoked Norwegian Salmon Slices - Flame Roasted 1LB 840137100583 840137100590 10 4. Smoked Norwegian Salmon Slices - Toast-Sized Three Varieties 1LB 840137100613 840137100620 10 5. Smoked Norwegian Salmon Loin Pre-Sliced 1LB 8712224130235 840137101290 12 6. Hot Smoked Salmon - Traditional 1LB (random weight) 2389962000005 840137101061 10 7. Hot Smoked Salmon - Pepper 1LB (random weight) 840137100552 840137101085 10 1 Traditional slices 1LB 2 Gravad lachs slices 1LB 3 Flame roasted slices 1LB 4 Toast-sized slices 1LB 5 Salmon loin 1LB (453.6G) 6 Hot smoked traditional 1LB (Random weight) 7 Hot smoked pepper

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