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We make the best products available for everyone. Real value arises due to our focus on all aspects of quality



Foppen has a long tradition of skilled craftsmen, all of whom were born into the fish industry. They knew from day one how to make smoked eel with the best flavor. It’s an age-old formula based on natural methods, and it forms the basis of our current range of smoked fish.

And because the company has stayed in the Foppen family down the generations, we have stayed true to this tradition until this day. Foppen has grown to become an international company, and we now have around 400 colleagues working in Harderwijk in the Netherlands and Preveza in Greece.


Where tradition meets expertise. We are the expert in smoked salmon. At Foppen we only use the very best wood for smoking our fish: a special Foppen blend of oak and beech wood. The result is our own characteristic smoky taste and texture! This is typical for Foppen.



Building new business on a rich history. Because we cannot predict the future, we can only create it! That is why are continuously seeking for new opportunities when it comes to our markets, products and packaging. Based on insights, knowledge, expertise and a good portion of gut feeling.

What are the opportunities from the trends; “The new way we eat salmon” On the go & instant satisfaction. From survival, to life, to experience. Implementing worldly ideas at a local level. Good and healthy becomes tastier & easier to reach

We live and work for quality

From a tradition of flavor, towards the future of flavor. Our number one focus is always on quality. In every product, and every day. For us, quality is not just about quality controls and systems. Quality is also about making a difference every day. So that’s what we aim to do.



Our methods are never standardized and are refined every day. That’s because the processes that we use depend on variables such as humidity, (outside) temperature and natural variations in the raw ingredients that we use. After all, the products we work with are 100% natural.


Every day our products are extensively tested and checked; by us in our laboratory, but also by external experts. Sustainability is paramount. All our fish comes from certified (wild) catch or from certified fisheries. You can view our certificates:

Blok-Fish Farmer

Our focus

On this solid foundation, Foppen aims to play a leading role in processing smoked salmon, and provide solutions that always put the customer first.

Foppen makes the difference. Because anyone can buy the basic raw ingredients, but nobody makes products as delicious as ours! It’s always one specific process (such as smoking or grilling) that demonstrates this difference. Our ambition is to continue expanding our strong position in Europe and the United States and to gain market share in Asia, the Middle East and South America.

All over the globe

Fish & production locations

We only use the very best salmon for our products. We search for the best locations worldwide: from the cold waters of Norway to Alaska.

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Atlantic Ocean
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